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The 20 Best Personal Trainers in the World

Working alongside a personal trainer can give people an incredible edge with their health and fitness goals. It’s often an investment that pays back far more than they expect. So with the internet making it possible to work with a personal trainer anywhere in the world (provided they have an online business), who are the best of the best?

These trainers aren’t just getting incredible results for their clients but they’re actually influencing the rest of the fitness industry. These are the trainers that other trainers look up to and admire.

1. Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchel UP Fitness

Nick is the founder of Ultimate Performance. He’s based in London but with facilities operating on four different continents globally. He’s authored four books on body transformation and runs a team of 250 elite trainers. Nick recognises that to be a truly great personal trainer, you cannot neglect the business skills required. These are the same skills which gave allowed him to grow a huge international business while genuinely impacting the personal lives of his clients and helping them transform their bodies, mindset and lives into what they really want.

2. Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts Personal Trainer

London based trainer Matt trains a roster of celebrity clients, is a published author and has his own brand of fitness clothing. But despite this borderline celebrity trainer status, he remains grounded. He knows that working with regular people and helping them to achieve the results they’re looking for is what gets referrals, and word of mouth business. After 23 years of experience in the fitness industry, Matt knows something about being able to relate to others and considers interpersonal skills to be one of the most important assets an aspiring trainer can possess.

3. Louise Parker
Louise Parker Personal Trainer

Exercise professional Louise has published a number of books which have become Sunday Times bestsellers. This isn’t a common achievement, and is evidence of the relatable and compassionate way that Louise discusses the relationship between nourishing your body with food and staying “lean for life”. Since starting her company in 2007, Louise has helped close to 20,000 individuals – a phenomenal number! Louise has taught her methods to a team of coaches so that she’s able to impact even more people each year. Louise is an advocate of connecting goals with values. Both from the perspective of a client connecting with their goal, and also from the perspective of a business owner. Operating from a place of vision means that you’re able to genuinely help people in a way which is meaningful and valuable to them.

4. Shaun Stafford
Shaun Stafford Personal Trainer

With a Masters degree in strength and conditioning from Oxford University, Shaun left university and went into a bodybuilding career. He followed that with a semi-professional rugby career and more recently focused on personal training. He supports a number of clients, notably those in a rugby arena from his performance gym and has a huge presence of social media. But despite this level of influence, he encourages aspiring trainers to focus their energy into what’s important to them. He reminds them that an online following isn’t necessary to have a profoundly important impact on someone’s life and to double down on those things that you’re good at and that make you happy.

5. Scott Laidler

Scott Laidler Personal Trainer

Scott is regularly asked to feature as a consultant in fitness magazines and write a regular column in The Telegraph on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Scott firmly believes in mastering your craft by honing your understanding of your physiology and how your body works in relation to your mind. Scott puts the client relationship at the forefront of all decisions and uses emotional intelligence to help the client to get the best results possible. When outsourcing tasks like marketing or advertising, he cautions against outsourcing something that you have absolutely no idea about because without at least some knowledge it’s difficult to gauge how effectively the work is being done.

6. Embody Fitness

James Miller Embody Fitness

The personal trainers at Embody work very closely with individual clients to help them to achieve a truly transformational experience. With support for nutrition and training complemented with rehabilitation for injuries, sports massage and even osteopathy, this gym is offering a genuinely profound experience for lifestyle transformations. With glowing recommendations across fitness magazines and related publications, the gym has even won awards for style! Definitely not your basic, standard gym.

7. CSS Fitness

Chris Sutcliffe CSS Fitness

CSS Fitness are an award-winning gym and personal training facility based in Leeds, UK. They have a wide range of personal training packages to suit goals related to weight loss, muscle building and specific performance goals for endurance events. Operating out of a well equipped facility, The Graft Haus, the personal training team are so sure that they can help any committed person to reach their goals, that they give a personal guarantee of results, backed up by extensive testimonials and transformation photos on their website.


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